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Anke Hassel

Between 2015 and summer 2018 I chaired an expert group on "Workers' Voice and Good Corporate Governance in Transnational Firms in Europe". The final report has just been published. We are very pleased with the outcome and look forward to many debates on how to make globalization fairer. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the project.

Anke Hassel, Sophia von Verschuer, Nicole Helmerich. 2018. Workers' Voice and Good Corporate Governance. Düsseldorf. download [1.772 KB]


"Why Left Must Talk About Migration. My piece on Social Europe, October 29, 2018.

"Germany must abandon its record surplus and rebalance." Financial Times, August 25, 2018. Also in Italian here.

"Differences in EU social and labour systems pose big problems for mobile workers." Anke Hassel and Bettina Wagner. New piece on the Hertie Blog. April 26, 2018.

"Are There Austerity‐Related Policy Changes in Germany?" Werner Eichhorst and Anke Hassel. In: Sotiria Theodoropoulou (ed.), Labour market reforms in the era of pervasive austerity: a European perspective, Bristol: Policy Press, 2018.

"No way to escape imbalances in the Eurozone? Three sources for Germany’s export dependency: Industrial relations, social insurance and fiscal federalism." Anke Hassel. In: German Politics. 2017.

"Universal Basic Income is a dead end." Social Europe March 1, 2017 and here.


"Keine falsche Scheu. Die Linke muss verhindern, dass Zuwanderung zum Aushebeln sozialer Standards benutzt wird. Anke Hassel. In: IPG 31.10.2018.

"Zukunft der SPD? Nur aus der Mitte der Gesellschaft und nur mit Kompetenz". Anke Hassel. Tagesspiegel am 4.11.2018.

"Hoch die Eurosolidarität". Anke Hassel. In: der Freitag Ausgabe 43/2018.

"Die linke Antwort: Migration regulieren [439 KB] ". Anke Hassel. Eine Erwiderung auf Hans-Jürgen Urban: Epochenthema Migration: Die Mosaiklinke in der Zerreißprobe [599 KB] . In: Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik Heft 10/2018.

"Wir brauchen starke Sozialpartner". Anke Hassel. In: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung am 04.08.2018.

"Hartz IV muss nicht weg, aber man kann es verbessern". Anke Hassel. In: Handelsblatt am 11.06.2018.

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