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Anke Hassel

Automation, Digitization and the Future of Work

Online workshop on September 1 and 2, 2020, organised as part of a research project commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and hosted by Anke Hassel, Hertie School, in cooperation with Laura Tyson, UC Berkeley.

Speakers and discussants: Christian Dustmann, UCL, Zachary Parolin, Columbia University, Uta Schoenberg, UCL, David Autor, MIT, Carl Benedict Frey, Oxford University, Werner Eichhorst, iza, Monika Queisser, OECD, Georgios Petropoulos, MIT. You find the programme when you click on the pic!

New Publications

Anke Hassel, Bruno Palier, Sonja Avlijas. 2020. The pursuit of growth. Growth regimes, growth strategies and welfare reforms in advanced capitalist economies. Stato e mercato [352 KB] . Fascicolo 1, aprile 2020.

Anke Hassel, Tobias Wiss ed. 2019. The Political Economy of Pension Financialisation: Public Policy Responses to the Crisis. Special Issue of the Journal of European Public Policy.

Final report for the expert group on "Workers' Voice and Good Corporate Governance in Transnational Firms in Europe" published. Anke Hassel, Sophia von Verschuer, Nicole Helmerich. 2018. Workers' Voice and Good Corporate Governance. Düsseldorf. download [1.772 KB]

  • COVID 19

    Europe has kept down pandemic unemployment -- and the US hasn't. Here is why. Op-ed for Monkey Cage of the Washington Post with Kathleen Thelen. More op-eds and quotes on the crisis.

  • Social Innovation

    In a paper for a government advisory group, the Hightech-Forum, we argue that tech solutions won’t work without social innovations. My contributions to the Hightech-Forum.

  • Growth and Welfare

    New Book! Anke Hassel and Bruno Palier. eds. 2020. Growth and Welfare in Advanced Capitalist Economies: How Growth Regimes Evolve. Oxford University Press.

Aktuelles -- News

Die F.A.Z. veröffentlichte eine Einfluss-Rangliste der Frauen in der deutschen Ökonomie. Nach der Wertung der F.A.Z. belege ich Platz 7 der einflussreichsten Frauen. Beim twitter-ranking des online Magazins Makronom bin ich auf Platz 27.

Arbeitsregulierung in der Wissensökonomie
Im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Arbeit beginnen wir im Januar 2020 ein neues Projekt zur Gestaltung der Arbeit in der digitalen Transformation.

In a ranking of the most influential female economists in Germany's daily F.A.Z., they ranked me number 7. In a ranking of economists on twitter organized by the online magazin for economics Makronom I rank 27.

Governing work in the digital age
In 2020 we start a new project for the German Federal Ministry for Labour on the challenges of the digital transformation for the world of work and potential adjustment of policies.

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