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Covid - no Covid!

No Covid at the workplace
No Covid am Arbeitsplatz. Präsenzarbeitende schützen, Homeoffice nutzen, Umsetzung verbessern. Von Alexander Berzel, Anke Hassel, Wolfgang Schroeder, Kilian Weil vom 18. Februar 2021.

Mehr Schutz für Lehrer und Betreuer. HOMO OECONOMICUS. Handelsblatt, 23.2.2021. download. [121 KB]

Effects on the labour market

Europe has kept down pandemic unemployment -- and the US hasn't. Here is why. Op-ed for Monkey Cage of the Washington Post with Kathleen Thelen. Washington Post April 24, 2020.

Where You’re Out of Work Makes All the Difference in the World. Jonathan lost his job in America. Daniel isn't working in Germany. Their governments are handling things completely differently. By Clio Chang. Vice. April 20, 2020.

How Governments Around The World Are Reacting To The Economic Shutdow. By Lauren Frayer, Rob Schmitz & Carrie Kahn. NPR. April 16, 2020

Are We Firing Too Many People? By Greg Rosalsky. April 07, 2020. NPR

Will the Coronavirus Tear Europe Apart? By Vincent Bevins. New York Magazine April 1, 2020.

This is the job-saving German export most of Europe wants now. By Guy Chazan and Richard Milne. March 25, 2020. Financial Review

Kurzarbeit: a German export most of Europe wants to buy. Quote in the Financial Times on policy instruments to protect workers in the crisis. March 22, 2020.

Help for the self-employed in the time of the coronavirus. Anke Hassel and Christian Odendahl see a way to help those with a total earnings loss. Op-ed for Tagesspiegel. Here in English

Don't forget the ones in need. In an op-ed for Zeit Online, Christian Odendahl and I propose measures to aid families and workers when fighting the Corona Virus. Here in English.